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The Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild

Guild Costume Guidelines -

Arms of the Militia -

Pike, Musket, Sword and Artillery.

Guild Documents & Forms

The Guild requires members to have liability insurance through USFA or ECWSA. Members with ECWSA insurance are only covered for joint Guild/ECWSA events.

Guild Membership Form in .pdf

USFA Membership Form in .pdf
(list Cardiff Rose / Greg Pursley as
"Competition or Secondary Club" / "Coach")

ECWSA Membership Form in .pdf
(list Thorne as "Sponsor" and Stamfords as "Unit")

Cindy's House of Avalon costumes website

FAQ about Guild Costume Requirements in .pdf

Guild Rank #'s and Names in .pdf

Captaine Greg wants YOU! recruiting flyer in .pdf

Interested in joining? Contact our Recruiters Carl and Gwynedolyn

Ever wonder where those picky costume rules come from? Check out the real Elizabethan Sumptuary Statutes

All Militia members, particularly File Leaders and higher in rank, should learn the basics of period drill. Here's the Sealed Knot Society's new military drill manual in pdf.

The Guild of St. George has some excellent period Militia reference material online, including Markham's The Soldier's Accidence and their Guild's own Polearm Drill.

The Cardiff Rose Calendar -- Booth and Guild Parties, Faires, Etc.