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Cardiff Rose Entertainments - Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild

The Cardiff Rose participates in many of the Northern California Renaissance Faires as The Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild. We portray an English militia company from the Welsh Border area, practicing swordplay and drilling with matchlock muskets, halberds pikes and cannon. As a large Military Guild we escort the Queen and various Nobles, as well as participating in drill and battle displays.

Our "Baggage Trayne" consists of a large Field Kitchen -- winner of the Folsom Renaissance Faire's "Cast Iron Chef" competition in 2002 -- and features women in roles from Officer's Wives to Campfollowers. Men in the Baggage Trayne support the Militia by doing essential work such as woodworking and armour repair. The Guild marches in processions and appears in various structured or improvisational theatrical routines. Visit the Guild Pages to see our costume guidelines and other Guild documents and information.

Our Guild Costume Guidelines -

Men and Women

Arms of the Militia -

Pike, Musket, Sword and Artillery.

Here is the smallest acceptable size Environmental Area layout for The Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild. At larger events we need a 60' x 50' space for our staff of over 40 actors, and put up two matching large marquee tents, our award-winning Field Kitchen, and numerous smaller tents, tables and weapons displays.

With years of experience doing fencing competitions, stage combat, processions, and improvisational theater, the crew of The Rose adds a definite martial touch to any event. We also have a number of matchlock muskets and several cannons, and have been doing theatrical black powder routines at Renaissance and Dickens faires for years.

The Rose Guild enjoys themselves doing Meet 'N Greet at Fair Oaks 2002)

Interested in joining? Contact our Recruiters Carl and Gwynedolyn

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