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Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild Photos

Northwoods Ren Faire 4/2000

Thorne Hall Meeting 4/2002

Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre 6/2002

Folsom Ren Faire 10/2002

Calaveras Celtic Faire 3/2003

Shasta Celtic/Ren Faire 5/2003

Placerville May Faire, 5/2003

Ardenwood Celtic Faire, 6/2003

Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre, 6/2003

Heart of the Forest Faire - Marin, 7/2003

Marin page 2

Bradshaw's Marin 2003 pics & Movie

Folsom Renaissance Faire, 10/2003

Placerville May Faire, 5/2004 (.mov)

Tahoe Heart of the Forest Faire, 6/2004 (.mov)

Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre, 6/2004 (.mov)

Stafford Lake Heart of the Forest Faire, 7/2004

Folsom Renaissance Faire, 10/2004

SBC Treasure Island Party, 10/2004

Placerville May Faire, 5/2005

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